Nicky's site


  • Archive: posts on python, \(\LaTeX\), and so on
  • Bio: Some sort of C.V.
  • Books: technical books that I like in particular.
  • French stuff
  • Presentations: Some general presentations that I regularly give
  • Sites: Useful (for me)
  • Tools: software tools that I use all the time.

I built this site with Nikola, a site generator that I chose for three reasons:

  1. I want to write pages and posts in org format and plain and simple \(\LaTeX\). (I find writing maths in restructured text abhorrant.)
  2. I don't want to use yet another programming language, python suffices for nearly all my goals, and Nikola is written in python.
  3. I want to deploy my site on github pages. With nikola it's super easy to achieve that.

Why the illustration at the top? I have a PhD. in queueing, and I work with Linux, which has a penguin as a brand character.