Tweaks and Tricks for Org mode Files

Including the \(\LaTeX\) Command

For some reason org mode does not support the \(\LaTeX\) command. In standard \(\LaTeX\) files, the command is \LaTeX, without dollar signs. Now, when exporting an org mode file to html and get the \(\LaTeX\) symbol, I could enclose the \(\LaTeX\) symbol in dollars, because that mathjax seems to understand that I want to get the \(\LaTeX\) symbol. However, putting dollars around \(\LaTeX\) breaks the export of the org mode file to \(\LaTeX\). To solve this, I added this macro to my list of macros and to in the orgmode plugin for Nikola.

#+MACRO: latex @@latex:\LaTeX{}@@@@html:\(\LaTeX\)@@

With this macro I can now write {{{latex}}} in my org files to get the correct symbol in tex and orgmode files.