My Favorite Software Tools

  • I tended to use ipynb-py-convert to convert between .py and .ipynb (jupiter notebook) files. This is practical when you don't like to use the notebook editor. In my case, I write a python file in emacs. Then, with adding the minor formatting string # %% to delineate the cells, this tool converts the python file to a jupyter notebook file. However, I am moving to orgmode, so I will not use this tool much longer, if at all.

Youtube videos

For making youtube move on my ubuntu machine I use

  • simplescreenrecorder and a microphone
  • cheese to see on the my screen what the camera is recording
  • vlc to replay the recording made by simplescreenrecorder.

I tried to support the process with a wacom device and xournal to draw and write. But I found it very unpractical and unnatural to write on the wacom pad and see the effect on the screen. So I quit this.