Probability distribution intro


  • Read the information on course page.
  • We make groups of two persons. Every week you have to work with another person


  • Book is the same as for Probability theory. We do chapters 7–10.
  • notes.pdf
  • memoryless_excursions.pdf


General lectures:

  • See the online lectures of Blitzstein for general overview and background

Our lectures:

  • one hour, first hour on the schedule.
  • We show how to solve problems that are at exam level.
  • The problems will be made available on line, before the lecture. Solutions will become available after the lecture.
  • You don't have to be there if you prefer to do the work on your own or with your fellow students.


  • Attentance in other courses proves to be very low.
  • Post questions on the discussion board on nestor. We discuss those problems and the solutions during the tutorial.
  • The material will be available in discussion_board_questions.pdf.
  • There will be one tutorial, see the course page for which one and when.


  • Assignment, simple questions, one exam type of question, coding, challenges
  • Code language: choose python and or R. Just what you like
  • Run the code. We provide it. But you have to run it, and sometimes apply minor changes, such as different parameters
  • You have understand the code. In the exam we will ask you to explain code examples. These examples will be in python and R.
  • Challenges


See the course page for the details.

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