Here is a list of links to material on the web that might be useful to learn French.

  • Parallel translations. Here you can find a about 100 stories in a dual language stories in Durch and English, and some of them are also translated to Spanish and Turkish. The stories start simple but become increasingly more difficult.

French Podcasts about learning French

  • innerFrench These podcasts helped me get going with French. Hugo speaks quite slowly in the first few podcasts, so that you gain confidence with understanding French. He discusses many different topics; listening to a podcast twice is still nice.
  • Français Authentique Johan explains all sorts of things about the French language and personal development. The idea is the same as with innerFrench: teach a language to students by talking about all sorts of topics, rather than focus on grammar or vocabulary. There is a youtube channel too.
  • Français avec Pierre Another podcast for French learners. Has a youtube channel too.

French Science Podcasts

These podcasts are a bit hard, I guess the target audience is French natives.

French Other stuff

  • Change ma vie The author speaks about personel development. I mainly listen to it because she has a clear voice. She speaks a bit fast at times, but since she pronouces very clearly, it is still easy to understand.
  • Les Bonnes choses: discussions on cooking
  • L’air du son: interviews on voice and speaking

French Learners Youtube channels

  • innerFrench Hugo Cotton really helps to understand French.

French Science Youtube channels

  • Hygiène Mentale A sceptical look on things.
  • Lanterne Cosmique I don’t know how to characterize this channel, but I find the topics nice.
  • Mickaël Launay Maths in French.
  • C’est pas sorcier A channel for children. Discusses an enormous range of topics.
  • ScienceEtonnante Science questions discussed by a fellow phycisist.
  • Chat Sceptique. Caroon, statistics explained to a cat. Similar to the next site:
  • La statistique expliquée à mon chat, also a cartoon on statistics
  • El Jj: mathematics
  • Tu mourras moins bête: Funny cartoons on science questions.
  • Le Monde De Jamy, similar to C’est pas sorcier, but only with Jamy
  • e-penser: general science questions, the guy speaks pretty fast. Its quite hard at times.
  • Fouloscopie Discussions of crowd behavior
  • 1000 idées de culture générale Philosophy with French subtitles. The author speaks relatively slowly so its easy to follow.

Audio books

  • Via Librivox you can find and download tonnes of free audio books.

Parallel translations

I learned a lot from parallel translations.

  • The bible for kids Very useful. I once read the stories as a kid, so I knew the stories already. That helped me lot in guessing the meaning of words I didn’t know, so that I could just continue reading, rather than spend hours with a dictionary.

Learning words

  • Anki is very useful to learn words. It is based on spaced repetition; if you’re interested just search for this concept.