World Champion Rapid & Blitz!!


Special Achievements:

  • 2016: International Master
  • 2017: Winner of the Tata Top Group qualifying for the Tata challengers
  • 2017: Shared winner of the Batavia tournament and second Grandmaster norm
  • 2017: Shared winner Dutch Youth below 20
  • 2018: Shared winner of the Open Dutch Championship
  • 2018: International Grandmaster
  • 2019: Dutch Champion
  • 2019: World Champion Rapid and Blitz U18


  • My name is Lucas van Foreest. I was born in Hengelo 3 March 2001.
  • I have 4 brothers: Jorden, Pieter, Tristan, Nanne and one sister Machteld.
  • I come from a chess family. My grand grandfather and his brother were both three times Dutch champion. My brothers and sister all play chess.
  • For chess training I used the app RealChess. For more information see realchess.
  • I have been trained by Geon Knol, Sipke Ernst and Sergey Tiviakov.
  • More information about my chess achievements can be found on my Wikipedia page and Fide page.